Makeup Instructions and Submittal Form


To apply for a makeup, view

  1, One or more Weekly Meetings

  2. Review our Projects

  3. View our Facebook Group

  4. Review other areas of our Website


To qualify for a makeup, you are required to stay on our site for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Note: not all the Weekly Updates or Projects will meet the 30 minute minimum; therefore, be sure to view other segments of the site to ensure you meet the qualified time for a makeup. To assist you in keeping track of your time, we have included a stopwatch timer. Just be sure to start the timer when you begin reviewing the site.


On the Makeup Sumittal form, you will be required to enter an esimated time (<30, 30, 45, 60 or >60 minutes) you spent on our site. Please apply the 4-Way Test when completing the Makeup Submittal form. As a convenience, we have added a timer. When you are ready to begin, Start the time, review the 4 areas as suggested above, then return to this page, stop the timer, and proceed to the Makeup submission form below to complete your makeup.






















When viewing the Weekly Meeting Updates or Projects, take note of the title and either write it down or copy it (for later pasting)). You will also be required to enter the title of the main topic your viewed.


Near the end of the Makeup Submittal Form, you will have an option to donate to our club. Please note: a donation is not required; however, we will appreciate any donation from $5 to $25; All donations will be applied to our community projects (See Projects).


After you submit the Makeup form, you will receive an email indicating that you have made up at our club. Please forward the email or give a printed copy to your secretary for credit.





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