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Montnly Meeting - The Impact of New Generations

Welcome to the Global Kalinga e-Rotary Club for the week of Sunday, September 27 through Saturday October 3, 2015. We are an Internet based Rotary Club based in Quezon City, Philippines with core groups of members in Southern California and elsewhere. We serve our local and nearby communities as well as projects in the Philippines.

Inovation and Pledge of Allegiance

Art Azarzon gave our invocation while Rillea Pax led us with the Pledge of Allegiance. Though not the invocation Art gave nor exactly how we recited the Pledge , here is an invocation and a video of the Pledge.

"Creator and sustainer of all that is or will ever be, accept our thanks for this day and all its blessings. We ask that you guide and direct our club, its leaders and our actions. Grant that each of us may feel our responsibility to Rotary, to our community, to our country, and indeed to all countries and peoples. Bless our fellowship today, and bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, in your service. Amen."

Rotary 4-Way Test

We followed Ernie Delfin in reciting Rotary's 4-Way Test

By building your team's self-esteem and encouraging them, the entire team becomes stronger.

Minutes and Treasurer's Report

Ernie, our outgoing secretary, asked us to review the minutes. With some discussion and minor corrections, Ernie motioned to accept the minutes as amended. Art Azarcon 2nd the motion and the minutes, as amended, were approved. Rillea then provided the treasurer's report. The agenda, minutes and treasurer's report are available for viewing at [Monthly Agendas] under the [GKeRC Member] dropdown menu.

Our president, Celly Adamo, then gave her report. There has been some concern that our monthly meetings have been changing without significant notice to all members. Members decided to retain our monthly meetings for Sundays from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. Rather than the 2nd from the last Sunday, the members accepted the 3rd Sunday of each month for our monthly meetings. To provide some flexibility, the members approved that the day and time, if necessary, may be change with a minimum of a one month notice.

The anniversary dinner/dance was changed from November 7 to November 14. Please be aware of this. Payment for the dinner/dance shall be prepaid by cash (ticket will be used as the receipt), check or online at [Anniversary Dinner] under the [Donate] dropdown menu. The price for the dinner dance tickets shall be $45.00 through October 31. Thereafter, the cost of the dinner/dance will be $50.00. Any payments at the door shall be $55.00. Tickets shall be used as receipts; therefore, no tickets shall be given out without payment. For those who pay online, tickets will be available at the door. For those members bringing guests, your name and the names of your guests should be sent to our Executive Secretary, Frank Adamo at frank@fsadamo.com.

Ten tickets will be sent to each Southern California family by reguarly postal mail early this week. A flyer will also be sent by email.

Program - "The Impact of New Generations"

We were very fortunate to have as our presenter the president of the Temecula Valley New Generation Rotary Club.

After high school, Luke Pytlik joined the Marine Corps and served from 1996-2000, after which he entered the warehousing industry. Soon after, he began his sales career. In an attempt to progress financially, he tried his hand in many different sales opportunities ranging from telemarketing to mortgage lending.

At the age of 30, after never quite feeling satisfied with the direction his life nor the career he had taken, Luke ventured back to his artistic roots and began to study the art of tattooing as a hobby. Not too long after, his talent blossomed and his hobby became his primary source of income leading to the opening of his tattoo shop by the name of Executive Ink in August of 2014.

In 2012 Luke was renting a room from a friend who was involved in Rotary. One day that friend came home and asked if he would be interested in going to India for a month. Unconvinced that a tattoo artist would ever be chosen for such an opportunity, Luke was persuaded to apply anyway. After multiple interviews and other hoops to jump through, he was picked to be a member of a GSE (Group Study Exchange) trip to NE India. The trip changed his life for good. Not only did he gain a whole new respect for his quality of life even at its worst lows, he had a crash course in what Rotary is and saw firsthand how Rotary changes lives.

Upon his return from India, with a new outlook on life, he immediately joined Rotary and was made the International director for the Temecula Valley New Generations Rotary Club. Since then, under his organization, his club has raised money and physically taken part in the rebuilding of one rundown elementary school in Nicaragua, and another even worse off school that was discovered while on the first trip. One of the fundraisers Luke has done to accomplish this was a 211 mile hike of the John Muir Trail in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Luke was recently featured in the January 2014 issue of the Rotarian Magazine, and In June/July he was sent to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, where he was filmed as a cast member on the Discovery Channels, “Naked and Afraid”

Luke is a Paul Harris Fellow, and is now serving as the current President of his club. The title of his presentation was "The Impact of New Generations"

Club Business

See above discussion

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