• Oct 31, 2015

Creating Creativity, The Great Sandbox

Welcome to the Global Kalinga e-Rotary Club for the week of Sunday, October 25 through Saturday October 31, 2015. We are an Internet based Rotary Club based in Quezon City, Philippines with core groups of members in Southern California and elsewhere. We serve our local and nearby communities as well as projects in the Philippines.


"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." ~ Edward de BonoRead

Rotary 4-Way Test

Of the things we think, say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

By building your team's self-esteem and encouraging them, the entire team becomes stronger.

Sing-Along Song - Tell Me Why

Take your time and sing-along (wherever you may be). You'll love this young Chinese boy with a beautiful resounding voice.

This is why we are in Rotary--to give a helping hand (you have to play the sing along video to understand this statement).


This is our Monthly Meeting at the Prime Harbor (formerly Tony Roma's) Restaurant in Fullerton. Because the room was rather dark, the video is not up to standard. It is rather grainy, the sound is a lower than normal, and the hue (color) is not true. However, our presenter, one of the finalists in the Toastmasters' World Champion of Public Speaking, gave a fine presentation on Creating Creativity.

Carl Walsh graduated from London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and spent 20 years on stage as an actor and director. He then spent 25 years in corporate management, rising to become a Director of Information Technology.

As a Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Carl now enjoys putting both worlds together to help people from many walks of life, including students, business professionals and even Hollywood personalities, find their voice and harness their inner CEO. Carl speaks to groups as varied as The International Association of Administrative Personnel, Walt Disney Imagineering, and California Teachers associations. Carl currently speaks to over 100 Realtor organizations across the country. In 2012, Carl was featured in the August edition of Toastmaster Magazine regarding his use of Theatre Games in conveying his message to business professionals.

Club Business

During our regular meeting, Ernie updated us on the raffle for a home in the Philipines and to support Gawad Kalinga. He has 300 tickets available and more will be coming next week. The cost of each ticket is $25.

Lino was unable to attend and so Celly updated us on our career oriented vocational service project for Valencia High School scheduled for October 27 and 28. Ali was also not able to attend our meetin. Celly briefly mentioned he has a project in his hometown.

Lydia Soriano, a past member of our club, announced that she would be returning. She also gave a short presentaton on a potential fundraiser. Basically, a member canl purchase a variety of health and other consumable products to use for 5 months. The company with then repay 20% of the consumer's (the member's) cost of the product for the following 5 months until the full amount of the product is repaid. Thus there is no net cost to the member. In addition to the payback for the product, the member will receive the equivalent cost of the product if he/she completes a survey. Thus, if a product costs a member $50, the company will give back $10 each month for 5 months. At the end of the 5 months, the member will receive an additional $50 for completing a survey. Lydia suggested that the member could then submit the $50 he/she earned for the survey to the club as a fundraiser. These products are not the companies Lydia is representing. She is representing a marketing company which is providing surveys for the consumable products' companies.

At the board meeting, Ernie followed up that he is attending the first annual renion of his hometown in Las Vegas. About 450 has already prepaid. With the mayor speaking, Ernie is hopeful that he can a number of the raffle tickets to win the house in the Philippines.

Celly reminded the board of our Anniversary Dinner and we should concentrate on selling tickets to our dinner. She also reminded the board that members need to purchase the tickets soon because we are obligated to pay the restaurant the full amount of the estimated number of attendees by November 4. Also, the cost of the tickets to our anniversary dinner will be $50 after Octover 31. You may send checks to Rillea Pax or submit your payment online at:


On the agenda, Frank had suggested that we set up the e-Waste fundraiser on January 9; however, Celly indicated that may leave us too little time to effectively promote the fundraiser. Frank then suggested we could have the e-Waste fundraiser later in January, perhaps the 23rd or the 30th, though it should be soon after the Christmas holidays where many families, having received electronic goods for Christmas, would be interested in disposing of their old electronic products.

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